A glimmer of hope

I had a very serious stroke. The surgeon told my parents that 99% of people with a ruptured aneurysm die on the operating table. So I went through this ordeal and my rehabilitation in a positive way. I didn't need to take substances to make me forget my handicap. I did not want to disappoint my ancestors. To learn more about my journey, I invite you to read my book.

I had a normal, full life: I worked, I traveled, I played sports. I had a girlfriend and a small pet. One day when nothing dark was in the offing, my life turned upside down on 01/17/2017. I suffered a ruptured aneurysm and came out of it with some after-effects. I had to relearn everything and live with my disability. I was lucky enough to keep my friends. The people around me did not change or modify their behavior. I had to undergo rehabilitation to relearn everything for over 2 years. My "story" begins in a city near Barcelona and ends in a city in the south of France. I have been lucky enough to meet great people that I would have never met in my previous life.

I have had the feeling for some time that I am starting a new life and being reborn. I was born on November 29, 1981 and I am officially reborn on November 29, 2019 (the day I receive my book). A desired symbol.

I wanted to thank all the people I have had to deal with during my recovery. My ex-girlfriend who by her signature saved my life and my family and friends who were present in all the stages of my accident.

Today I realize things that I certainly would not have done before. My disability allows me to surpass myself and to have goals.

I live every day with the consequences of an accident. 1/3 of my cerebellum was damaged.

I have been through a lot of disabling situations. I fully understand the difficulties of all people who suffer from a health problem because I have lived them. My state of mind made me take the small chance I had, as an opportunity. Nevertheless I think that leaving is also a form of luck because it avoids suffering or going through a trial. The hardest part will be for the entourage but the person who leaves stops suffering. It is not obvious to be dependent on others. So we must think of the "benefit" of the person first.

This is a reflection that only involves me, but I think that it is important to try to force oneself to move forward. It is only through difficulty that one can progress. So my advice is to achieve things that may seem impossible but are not when you want them. This will make you proud of yourself.